About Us


www.stop.in.th is a source of information to raise the public awareness about the business risks of illegal and unlicensed software.


Why is it necessary?   

According to the 2016 Global Software Survey from BSA | The Software Alliance, computer users in Thailand are using unlicensed software at an alarming rate, despite the link between unlicensed software and cyberattacks. The Survey, Seizing Opportunity Through License Compliance, found that in Thailand, the percent of software installed on computers that was not properly licensed was 69 percent, compared with Asia- Pacific’s average percent of 61%. This means that computer users in Thailand are putting themselves at risk.


The Survey also shows that most of companies in Thailand have not yet established software asset management (SAM) programs to work together with security tools and processes to complement and strengthen their cybersecurity profiles.

To reduce the business risks and promote the digital quality of business and license,
we encourage companies to use genuine and licensed software.